Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Out of the normmm

Today was definitley out of the norm. I decided to make fudgy brownies as my "break" from studying for my math exam... and for some odd (my favorite word of the week) reason I was being spontanious and chose to add pistachios to the brownies!!! PISTACHIOS! Of all things! I am usually a NO NUTS IN MY BROWNIES kind of gal. If I see nuts in em, I won't eat em (I'm not picky at all!) Even the brownies at the school's snack bar disgust me... you know what I mean? Who wants nuts in their chocolate anyway?! I have certainly broken the family tradition of always leaving out the nuts in the recipe list. My grandchildren and great great grandchildren and so on will talk about me! I am not a CONFORMIST!(this brings back memories of FARANHEIT 451). Anyway, to my great disbelief, the brownies turned out pretty darn tasty. I'm proud that I chose to try something different, as oppose to always sticking to the "usual" and routine way of doing things... especially in the kitchen, which is supposed to be a place of creativity! Yep.

1 comment:

  1. Change is sometimes a good thing.
    And maybe this is your start to living a bit more in life.
    And may I add I love your line "especially in the kitchen, which is supposed to be a place of creativity!"
    And good luck on your Math Exam!