Monday, 23 August 2010


So, this year I've decided to try and be spontanious... at least more then last year. By that I don't mean try out stupid things and make a fool of myself. However, I'd like to try new things as oppose to always sticking to the same ol' routine and taking the "easy way out". That being said, I had my first ballet class today and it was a great experience! My toes and muscles are telling me otherwise, but my mind is telling me to keep on it and go back again tomorrow! Anyway, I'm sure it's only normal to feel achy after ballet. Compared to some of the people in the class I'm only a beginner, a newbie... but that doesn't matter, because I have to start somewhere! I'm extremly excited to buy a new leotard and shoes, since the current ones I'm wearing are a tad too small.
Au revoir!

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