Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Baking... for fun!

Avocado pound cake. Poppey seed cake with blueberry glaze. Berry cobbler pie bars. Yum, yum, delicious. I know what you're thinking.... obsessed. Infatuated. Fixated. Some may view my baking indulgence as obsessive, but no, I'm just passionate! Or so I think... To tell you the truth, I haven't always been a baking freak. In fact, I've only recently discovered the magnificent wonders that the kitchen holds. To me, baking is as whimsical as Alice in Wonderland. As imaginative as The Wizard of Oz. And you may hate me for saying this.. but as enjoyable as picking up Twilight or New Moon for the first time. There are so many fantasies that lie behind the kitchen cupboard... just waiting for someone (YOU!) to discover them. I am always digging up new recipes- just like an Archeologist, except I don't bake Prehistoric cakes, hehehe. I don't know what the point to this post is, but after spending most of my Journalism class on which happens to be my fave food blog- the thought of baked goods and the aroma of fresh, out of the oven Tres Leches cake was jiggeling with my brain cells! By the way, if you happen to be one of those fruitless people who constantly says "I can't cook" or "cooking is for 1950's housewives," then I'm glad you read this post of mine.. since it should be a WAKE UP call for you. Now, go buy yourself a lovely pinstripe apron and cook up a storm... or a dainty banana cream pie for that matter. :)

Photo courtesy of Ms. Joy herself! :D

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