Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mothers Day

Have you ever had one of those weekends that felt like it should be three days long, as oppose to a meager two days? Hmm?? Well, that's exactly how I felt today. I woke up quite early, at 7:30 to prepare for Mothers Day! I decorated the first floor with colorful cut out heart shapes and put flowers, chocolates, and cards on the dinning room table. I also helped my little brother, Myles, prepare for breakfast in bed. We made an omelette with tomatoes and herbs, fresh mango, yogurt, orange juice, poppey seed muffins, and.. of course, COFFEE! (with foam and chocolate shavings).
And... since I haven't baked at all this weekend (besides the simple poppey muffins) I decided to make a carrot cake! I added rich cream cheese frosting on top. Overall, it was a success. :)

Tomorrow I have a Asian Studies test which I am not looking forward too, but, I studied for up to three hours today with two of my friends, David and Louis. We went to Starbucks.. and now my papers reek of coffee beans- just how I like it:] I'm feeling quite sick at the moment... and should probably head of to bed. Toodles!~

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