Saturday, 22 May 2010

What is true happiness?

I have yet had the chance to answer this question. Some people are lucky enough to find it, while others spend their entire lives seeking it and sadly, some fail. Why does it seem like genuine happiness is so difficult to achieve? Is it because the majority of us are looking in the wrong places?
There is a roadblock standing in the way of true happiness and it all starts with the constant need to have something. Once you begin to demand something, you will spend the rest of your life doing so. Each one of us has numerous wishes and desires that we would like to achieve, but it is these very desires that can be quite catastrophic. Only a percentage of the desires that we have will eventually come true, as a result, the one's that we don't fulfill will cause us to be unhappy and dissapointed that we aren't getting what we want. If we are able to control our list of desires and wishes better, then the result will not be as tragic. Happiness is everyone's goal. Or so I think. It is a feeling that you have when you are not feeling... stressed, worried, hateful, envious, depressed, anxious, and the list goes on.
I'm not sure when my time will come to experiences genunine happiness, whether that be at college, when I get my first job, get married, etc. Or maybe I already have experienced it, I'm just unaware of it!
My goal in life is to be happy. Not to be a millionaire or have a dozen vacation houses across the globe. Just to be happy. As long as I have my loving family and close friends, I expect to one day experience true happiness... and I hope you do too! :)

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