Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Life Purpose

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.
-- Dale Carnegie

I stumbled upon this quotation and it really made me think... There are so many opportunities in life that I should take advantage of, instead of being so restricted and confined. I've been told that I need to "live a little". When I was told this, I was quite sensative about it but now I understand why that specific person said that to me. I think I'm not a person who's often willing to take chances, because I overthink everything and only focus on the negative outcomes, as oppose to the positives ones. I don't want to spend my entire life dreaming about the amazing things I could be doing, instead, I want to go OUT THERE and do amazing things myself! My last goal in life is to be discontent and regretful of the things I could've done... When I'm elderly I want to look back on my life and be satisfied and pleased that I admired Earth's beauty, met my challenges, dared to be adventurous, played games, sang songs, and loved & be loved in return. Although I want to take chances and be happy, I also want to be willing to overcome my sorrows and confront my tragedies. Even though I will surely encounter people that don't want to take the same path as me in life and instead choose to take a different route, I shouldn't let them bring me down. I have turn to learn to make decisions for my well-being and because I want to, as oppose to always focusing on pleasing others. In conclusion, life is what you make of it and will always be that way. We are (I am certainly) too young to understand what the purpose of life is. There have been many, many, many philosophers and great intellects over time that have come up with their own definition as to "the purpose of life". But I don't think you can discover the purpose of life by simply relying on someone else's answers... in order to find the right answer you must look deep within you and... simply ask yourself.

By the way, I made some pretty massive vanilla sugar cookies today! I wasn't really in the mood to create something fancy since I have exams coming up... on Monday! Luckily, these turned out great. In case you were wondering, I found the recipe on Joy the Baker which is where I spend the majority of the time (that should be spent studying) drooling at her marvelous baked goods!


  1. HHSAHAHAHAH meg you're so cute! i'm so jealous you know how to bake, my cupcake venture once was a complete failure so i never tried again.

    and you're right! we shouldn't let what others think of us, or what they think is right or wrong determine which way we want to go in life, or alter i decision in life. We should listen ourselves!

    i love your music btw!

    and its so true, why think about later when we can do it right now :D