Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Decisions, decisions

I'm faced with a very tough decision: do I want to do 2nd season basketball next year or touch rugby? This year I did in fact do basketball and I even managed to get onto the JV Gold team, but I don't know if I would enjoy playing basketball all four years of high school or be on varsity. You see, I think basketball is fun when you're fooling around with a group of friends, playing a casual game- nothing too serious. When it comes to rugby... I bet people think I'm supposed to be extremly pro because my brothers are so good, but the truth is: I'm not all that great!!! If I chose to try out for rugby next year I could probably train over the summer with my brother (if he was actually willing to help me). Although second season tryouts aren't until late October-mid November, I want to make my decision now so that I can begin focusing on that sport. For example, I'd have to work on my shot for basketball or hand/eye coordination for touch. If only they weren't during the same season! Any thoughts?


  1. My advice is:
    Do what you want!
    Your the only person your trying to please so if you don't want to be competitive in basketball then maybe think about touch rugby.
    But it all comes down to what you want!!
    I think you should figure out which one you would prefer to learn and everything.

  2. gahh i wrote a really long comment for this and it got deleted :(

    but what i was going to say is i've seen you play touch and you're really good and you have the stamina for it. you can probably make varsity in junior year for bball and i think you should choose other sports for now and i think you'd have a great coach because Laird is a really good player and I'm sure he would be happy to teach you.

    i hope to see you on the field next season :)

    and in response to your comment on my blog:
    thanksss, yeah at first i felt quite weird about blogging but it helps me vent. anddd i really enjoy reading your blog. but yeah I've noticed making your own decisions feels great especially when you don't have to explain WHY you did it.

    thanks for the comment by the way :)