Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Weary Blues

Heeey! Hey- HEY, YOU THERE! YOU, YES YOU, BLUE. YOU! BLUE!!! I'm feelin' pretty blue right now too. You ain't alone. Aren't you feeling awfully weary and drowsy and...... just plain ol' tired? I certainly am. I know I need to get more sleep. Living in Taiwan, I'm so used to people telling me they go to bed at midnight or two o' clock or... sometimes even three thirty. It's unbelievable that people still have the energy (or not so much) to get out of bed, hop on the bus, and come to school five days a week. I tend to get in my bed between 9:30-10:00, which I think sounds pretty reasonable. Like any average teenager in high school I DO have homework to complete, presentations to prep for, and tests to study for... but I don't have heaps and loads and buckets of homework everynight that should be keeping me up till 3 AM!? Therefore, I think procrastination is one of the biggest issues contributing to this "late bedtime routine". It's obvious (and NO! you cannot deny it) that people are spending quite a bit of their time on entertaining sites such as Facebook, Youtube, MLIA, gossip blogs, and even the uhh... err.. hehe... occasional food blog. I am willing to confess that I visit Foodporndaily and Joythebaker everyday because I enjoy it. But, there comes a point when you gotta just say to yourself, "(add name here) what will be more important in 10 years time: what dress Blake Lively wore to the Golden Globes or your semester average in Honors English?" And yes, that does apply to me- but don't judge!!

Although she did look extremely stunning... in her BLUE dress:)

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  1. HAHA
    I love your "blue" theme here Meg! Congrats
    I think I'm a good example of procrastination.